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We’re the LARGEST and BEST family-run, hockey skate sharpening company in Nanaimo, BC.

Now offering Team Skate Sharpening Cards
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How It Works

Step 1

Drop ‘em off.

LOCATION • You’ll find us at 2118 Lang Crescent, in central Nanaimo. We’re less than 5 minutes from Cliff McNabb Arena and the Nanaimo Ice Centre.

HOURS • We’re open all year-round – click here for our complete hours. For after-hours drop-off, you can simply lock your skates in one of our secure lockers, just outside the shop door.

WHILE YOU WAIT • If you stop by during our open hours, Jim can sharpen your skates while you wait on one of our comfy chairs (or you can arrange to pick them up later, even if we are closed, thanks to our handy locker system).

USE OUR LOCKERS • We offer secure lockers for after-hours drop-off and pick-up. Empty lockers are left open, so you can drop off your skates any time, locked and safe. If you drop off your skates while we are open, and want to pick them up after we close, we can give you a key to pick them up at your convenience.

LIFE HAPPENS • The Edge is a family-run business. We always do our best, but if “life happens” and we’re not at the shop, call or text (250) 668-7070.

Step 2

Pick your edge.

IT’S YOUR STYLE • When we sharpen your blades you get to choose the hollow that best suits your needs (common hollows are 3/8", 1/2", & 5/8").

WHAT’S A HOLLOW? • The hollow refers to the depth of your sharpened hockey blade, measured from edge to edge; each of our three options gives you a different result and feel. You can read more about hollows further down this page.

Step 3

Pay for ‘em.

ONE AT A TIME • It’s just $6.00 to sharpen a pair of skates. We accept cash, Visa, and MasterCard. Payment types: Cash, Visa, MasterCard

BUY ‘EM IN BULK • Sharpen your skates a lot? Purchase an Edge Skate Sharpening Card, and get a 10-pack of sharpenings for only $50!

SUPPORT THE TEAM • We are proud to now offer Team Skate Sharpening Cards! Buy 30 sharpenings for just $150, and anyone on the team can use the card. Great for Minor Hockey, Rec Hockey, Old Timer Hockey, and anyone else with a lot of skates to sharpen!

Step 4

Pick ‘em up.

WE’LL CALL YOU • Once your skates have been sharpened just right, we’ll give you a call (or text, or email) to let you know.

BUY MORE STUFF • We also stock Howie’s Hockey Tape products and a few other odds and ends in our shop, so make sure you’ve got your wallet when you pick up your skates.

Questions & Answers

Question What are your hours?

We’re open year-round! Here’s when we’re in the shop:

3pm – 8pm
3pm – 8pm
3pm – 8pm
3pm – 8pm
3pm – 8pm
3pm – 8pm
8am – 8pm

Do these hours not work for you? Call or text Jim’s cell at (250) 668-7070 and he’ll let you know his availability.

Even if we’re closed, you can ALWAYS drop off skates using our secure lockers, located just outside the shop door.

We are also pretty flexible, and can usually make time after hours if you’re in a pinch. Just call ahead and we will see what we can do!

Question Where are you located?

The Edge Skate Sharpening is located at 2118 Lang Crescent, in central Nanaimo. Check out our contact page for details (and a map).

Stepping right off the ice? Click for driving directions from Cliff McNabb Arena or the Nanaimo Ice Centre.

Question How much does skate sharpening cost?

It’s only $6.00 to sharpen a pair of skates, or you can buy a 10-pack for just $50.00!

We also offer Team Skate Sharpening cards: purchase 30 skate sharpenings for $150, and anyone on the team can use the card.

Payment types: Cash, Visa, MasterCard

We currently accept cash, Visa, and MasterCard.

Question What types of skates can you sharpen?

We sharpen hockey skates, including goalie skates. We are not able to sharpen figure skates.

Question How often should I sharpen my skates?

How often you have your hockey skates sharpened depends a lot on how often you play, and at what level.

As a general rule of thumb, we recommend that you have your skates sharpened somewhere in between every 4-8 games. (Our son is on the ice around 4-5 times per week and has his skates sharpened once per week.)

And if you haven’t had your skates sharpened by The Edge before, you might be surprised at how much you like keeping them “sharp”!

Question What hollow should I choose?

This answer depends on the player, on size, playing style, and skates – and there’s also just a “feel” to it.

Remember, the term “hollow” refers to the depth of your hockey blade, measured from edge to edge. We can provide a large range of different hollows, with the 3 most common options being 3/8", 1/2", & 5/8".

Shallow hollows have larger numbers (ex: 5/8"), and deeper hollows have smaller numbers (ex: 3/8").

Unsure which hollow to choose? Consider these points:

Your Style • Want greater speed in straightaways and easier gliding? Choose a shallow hollow. If you prefer clean, sharp turns, on the other hand, go with a deeper hollow.

Your Size • The more you weigh the more likely you’ll benefit from a shallow hollow, as the less aggressive cut will prevent the blade from digging into the ice.

Your Ice • The ice surface itself has an effect on how the blade interacts with it, and a good rule of thumb is “the harder the ice, the deeper the hollow”. When you skate on softer ice, a shallow hollow will allow you to glide across the surface, as opposed to digging in and slowing down.

Question What products do you sell?

The Edge Skate Sharpening now stocks products by Howie’s Hockey Tape. We’ve got stick tape, sock tape, grip tape, accessories, and apparel.

Howie’s Hockey Tape, now for sale at The Edge Skate Sharpening

Howie’s Hockey Tape makes the highest-quality cloth tape, shin pad tape, skate laces, stick wax, hockey pucks, and other hockey accessories in the world! We’re proud to stock their products. Come check it out!

Question You didn’t answer my question!

If you have a question that we haven’t covered, just contact us by phone/text/email, or drop us a line on our Facebook page.

We’ll be happy to help!

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